This story was a challenge as my writing group picked five words* and decided to fit them all into each of our stories. I enjoyed writing this one as I particularly liked writing in a stream of consciousness style and not worrying about grammar too much.

What I did on my Holidays

Me and Mummy and Daddy and Freddy went to stay with Granny and Gramps for our summer holiday. We waited in a line for a long time then drove the car onto a ferry which is a big boat which takes people and cars and lorries to the Isle of Wight. There were special buses called coaches full of people older than Granny and Gramps. Mum says this is because oh ay peas like to go to the Isle of Wight for their holidays. I don’t know what an oh ay pea is but I think you must have grey hair and walk a bit wobbily to be one.

Granny and Gramps live in a flat house called a bungalow. Me and Freddy sleep in bunk beds in the study which is a room with a computer in it and Mummy and Daddy sleep in the guest bedroom. I got the top bunk so I can be up higher than Freddy, even though I’m the littlest. I like going on holiday to the Isle of Wight because it is very sunny and Granny and Gramps have a beach hut so we can play at the seaside all day until it almost gets dark. There is a dog called Digby who digs holes in the sand so when the sea comes in, people walking along can’t see the holes and fall into them. He is a really smiley dog and thinks this is very funny.

One day we made a picnic as we were going somewhere special. I watched Granny chop up cabbage and onion and carrot and then mix them all together with a lovely creamy sauce called mayonnaise to make coleslaw. Cabbage doesn’t taste very nice but mixed up with the mayonnaise, it tasted good. I helped make sandwiches with cheese in them and we had sausage rolls and crisps and lemonade made with real lemons not the fizzy bottles from the supermarket.

We went to a place called Alverstone Mead which is squishy ground called marshes with planks of wood so you can walk without getting your feet wet. There is a big shed called a hide but you have to be very quiet so you don’t scare the birds away and I saw a robin and a pink bird called a chaffinch and a moorhen and some ducks.

I was standing right next to the little window when we heard a noise like someone small running very fast on the roof and then a fluffy red squirrel jumped down! There was a piece of wood with food on it and the squirrel picked up a peanut and started nibbling. He had tufty ears and sharp claws and his tail curled over his head. I was very close to him but Daddy whispered as long as I was quiet he wouldn’t be scared. Granny had given me and Freddy some hazelnuts, which are red squirrels very favourite, and we both held one out. The squirrel sniffed Freddy’s fingers but took the hazelnut from me and I could feel his whiskers and soft nose. Then he ran away super quick and Mummy said he was going to bury it in a safe place for later.

We waited for a long time but the squirrel didn’t come back and our tummies were starting to get hungry so we went to a field with buttercups for the picnic. The field next door had lines in it and I asked Gramps what they were and he said they were tramlines made by a tractor going through the barley. I like barley as it has tufty bits on top like red squirrel ears. We had two blankets and we put all the food out on them and ate until we were full and then me and Freddy played It until it was time to go home.

The five words were: holiday, squirrel, cabbage, tramlines and picnic.


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